Finally, an all-natural, non-toxic deodorant that really works.


Finally, an all-natural, non-toxic deodorant that really works.

Neutralize odors and control sweat without chemicals.

Apology deodorant neutralizes odors and helps control wetness with natural plants and minerals.
Every ingredient in Apology natural deodorant is good for your body, good for the people who make it and good for the planet. Natural deodorants are better for your body, safer for our planet and Apology has no plastic packaging to add to the landfill.

Apology natural deodorant has none of the bad stuff:

  • No parabens
  • No aluminum
  • No phthalates
  • No synthetic scents
  • No dye
  • No triclosan
  • No benzalkonium chloride
  • No cruelty
  • No hidden, nasty stuff
  • No single-use plastic packaging
  • No need to apologize to your body, anymore

Tried a sample. I’m impressed. It actually works! So many natural alternative products disappoint. This works as well as the expensive designer deodorant I’ve used for nearly 30 years. And it smells great – citrus and beeswax. I’ll be recommending it to friends and family. ~ CT, Santa Rosa

Waited all my life for you! I can now dance for hours in confidence.
Apology gives me wings!
~ Amber, Bolinas, CA

My wife and I have tried everything to help her manage her strong natural body scent. She is allergic to most commercial products and even most marketed as “natural”. Plus, they just don’t work for long if at all. We had resorted to making our own with an expensive and unusual recipe when we discovered Apology. What a joyful relief! It works, it feels good, it smells good and not much is needed. We are so happy and grateful to Meg for creating this most excellent product. ~ M., San Francisco

In my experience using natural deodorants for almost 30 years, they have all failed after a busy physical day. Apology is amazingly long lasting and still works after you sweat! I work in a “hot” yoga studio and do a lot of physical work in a hot environment all day long. I have been amazed at its staying power! No odor — again and again after a very busy day! So happy with Apology!

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