Meg and The Apology Story

My journey started with conventional deodorants…

I ride horses for a living so I sweat, a lot. As an athlete, I run, bike, hike, golf, swim, I enjoy anything outdoors and when I work out, I sweat. Like most ladies I have used conventional deodorant since I was a young girl. For years I worried about the long term health effects of rolling this stick into my armpits every day, knowing that most conventional deodorants on the market contain aluminum, parabens propelene glycol and other harmful ingredients. But the other option-sweating all the time and smelling bad – was not going to work for me so I continued applying those chemical sticks.


…until they stopped working

In 2014, whether it was due to hormone changes or my body rejecting the chemicals in those deodorants they just stopped working. I’m talking serious body odor. It was bad. I washed my armpits multiple times a day and reapplied deodorant like crazy but nothing worked! I was embarrassed and disgusted by my new scent. I got super strength prescription poison deodorant; I was throwing away shirts because they smelled so bad.

I love Apology! I was shocked how well it controlled odor but still super gentle on my very sensitive skin. My guy and I will never use anything else!


A natural home remedy

Finally I went online and began researching home remedies and found several recipes for homemade deodorant. I mixed one up, and it worked instantly! The texture was terrible and it smelled like play dough but it worked! So I immediately began trying to improve the texture and scent without losing the most important part which was that it worked at both neutralizing the odor and controlling the sweat!!

After spending hours in the gym training clients and teaching classes, I was thrilled with Apology’s effectiveness. This deodorant lasts for at least 48 hours. I love that it is all natural and happy to say it is by far the best deodorant I’ve ever used.

Diane Scott

Certified Health and Fitness Professional , ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine)

It’s never too late to go natural

I named my formula Apology because I feel we owe our armpits an apology for all the chemicals used upon it for all those years. At first I made it in my kitchen for all my friends and family and it has grown from there. My hope is that other women out there; athletes, nursing mothers, my four young nieces and so many others will give Apology a try instead of always reaching for the chemical option because they think it’s the only thing that actually works. If Apology can work on someone with a serious sweat like me (there are also men who swear by it!) I know it will work for you. It’s never too late (or too early) to ditch the chemicals and go natural.