Apology Deodorant 5-Pack

(4 customer reviews)


Do you have stinky friends or family who could use Apology? Want to encourage loved ones to ditch the chemicals? Gift them a tin.
Apology Natural Deodorant is completely non toxic, and safe to use on your whole family. We recommend it on stinky feet to neutralize odors as well.
TO USE: Take a dime size amount and rub into clean dry armpits.

Includes 5 full size tins of Apology plus 2 1 oz samples!

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4 reviews for Apology Deodorant 5-Pack

  1. S M

    Best all natural deodorant ever!! Ever! Ever!!

  2. Hillorie FaraceDiVillaforesta

    Best deodorant I have ever used, no moisture no odor a d it smells great!

  3. Trouble

    Short of making my own, this is great.

  4. Mari

    This is the only deodorant that my boyfriend and I buy! It is AMAZING. Apology totally neutralizes our body odor, and has such a nice, subtle, natural scent. I have one friend who says it doesn’t quite eliminate her odor, but it works for others. To each their own! But I recommend it every chance I get.

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